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90°-angle Surface Thermocouple Probe, Type T

2 – 3$64.20
4 +$60.19
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90°-angle Surface Thermocouple Probe, Type T
: -418 to 650°F (-250 to 343°C)
2" probe tip with 316SS sheath, aluminum housing, nylon handle, 5-ft PVC coiled cord with strain relief.
Junction: exposed, isolated. 30 second Response Time
Ideal for hard-to-reach areas. Use with any Oakton Digi-Sense® and Acorn® thermocouple thermometer.

90°-angle Surface Thermocouple Probe, Type T

Surface Probes offer dual spring tips to provide positive contact with flat or slightly irregular surfaces. Includes a 5-ft. PVC coiled cord with strain relief that protects from repeated flexing and tugging. Ergonomic, easy-grip handle provides maximum heat insulation and impact resistance. Finger stops on handle prevent probe from rolling and fingers from sliding when inserting probe into hard materials. The 316 stainless steel sheath (shaft casing) provides durability, strength, and maximum abrasion resistance.
These probes feature a rugged thermoset plastic mini connector and are compatible with all Oakton Digi-Sense and Acorn thermocouple thermometers. Connectors and cord are color-coded based on thermocouple type: type J black, type K yellow, type T blue.
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