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Lovibond® hydrosense Legionella Industrial Systems Test Kit (5 Tests)

The Legionella System Test Kit is for detecting Legionella in a water sample — it is ideal for on-line and a variety of industrial applications. This test procedure utilizes hollow fiber filtration modules which attach directly to the provided sample point fittings (both a 1/2” and 3/4” female threaded fittings are provided). The filtered sample increases the sensitivity of the test.

This filtration step requires no pumping — just connect the sample point fitting to the water system (such as a shower head or on-line sample point) and use the system pressure to drive the filtration.

The pre-filled syringes contain the required recovery buffer, so there is no need to measure or dilute solutions.

With results in 30-35 minutes (including sample prep-time), the test allows for immediate understanding and response to the water system conditions. Regular use will increase confidence in your Legionella control procedures and reduce risk of outbreaks and litigation!
  • Most Sensitive of all tests
  • Sample Type: water sample obtained by connection to pipe fitting (Plumbing Systems, Cooling Systems)
  • Sample Volume: 250 ml
  • Sensitivity: 100 CFU/L
  • Pack Size: 5 Tests
  • Less than 10 minutes filtering and 25 minute test

Product Type: Test Kits
Brand: Lovibond
Product Line: Hydrosense Legionella Field Test
Class: Legionella
Unit Size: 5 Tests
Includes: 5 Test Strips with Dispensing Pipettes, 5 Syringes with Recovery Buffer, Sample Collection Jar, 5 single-use filters, female threaded sample point fitting, and instructions in a carrying case.

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