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Lovibond® hydrosense Legionella Swab (Biofilm) Test Kit (5 Tests)

Within a water system Legionella usually grow within biofilm (slime) found on the insides of pipe work, shower heads, cooling tower packing, or water tanks. Bacteria found in the planktonic phase (i.e. suspended in the water itself) are usually an indicator of colonization of the biofilm. Since a clean water sample does not equate to a clean system (proliferation of Legionella is greater in a biofilm than in water), this kit can be used to pinpoint the contamination in a system or to demonstrate cleanliness of an area after a targeted cleaning.

Use this kit to find Legionella in their breeding ground — this very selective test can detect Legionella even in samples with very high background flora.

With results in 25 minutes, the test allows for immediate understanding and response to the water system conditions. Regular use will increase confidence in your legionella control procedures and reduce risk of outbreaks and litigation!
  • For Detecting Legionella in Biofilms (Surface of water tanks, Shower heads, Air conditioning units)
  • Sample Type: surface areas
  • Sample Volume: N/A
  • Sensitivity: 200 CFU per swabbed area
  • Pack Size: 5 Tests
  • 2 minutes to sample and 25 minute test

Product Type: Test Kits
Brand: Lovibond
Product Line: Hydrosense Legionella Field Test
Class: Legionella
Unit Size: 5 Tests
Includes: 5 Test Strips with Dispensing Pipettes, 5 Swabs, Recovery Buffer, 5 Reaction tubes, and instructions in a carrying case.

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