Taylor Drop Test Kit, QAC, 1 drop = 10 or 25 ppm QAC/1 drop = 3.5 or 9 ppm Polyquat

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Taylor Drop Test Kit, QAC, 1 drop = 10 or 25 ppm QAC/1 drop = 3.5 or 9 ppm Polyquat

Description of Tests
TestCodeMethod ChemistryStandard/Equivalence or DescriptionComparatorCell
Quaternary Ammonium Compound(QAC)/PolyquatDrop TestDirect neutralization1 drop = 10 or 25 ppm QAC/1 drop = 3.5 or 9 ppm polyquatNA9198BR

Quaternary ammonium compounds (commonly referred to as “quats” or abbreviated as QAC) are organic nitrogen substances that kill algae by disrupting the function of their cell membranes. Quats work best on green algae. They’re the least expensive and best-selling algaecides but they tend to foam, especially in spas. Their structurally longer cousins, the polyquats, are surface-active chemicals too, killing algae by adhering electrostatically to their outer membrane (picture metal filings clinging to a magnet).

Although pricier than quats, polyquats affect all algae types, particularly when a vigorous brushing precedes their application, and they work very well with chorine and bromine compounds. Polyquats will also act as a floccing agent for other organic matter.

What do fresh-cut vegetable and fruit processors, food, meat, and poultry processors, bakeries and pizza dough makers, canneries, sugar refiners, dairy plants, beverage bottlers, breweries, and even pet food manufacturers have in common? The need to analyze water quality at various points of the production cycle, often as part of their Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Program. Indeed, water is arguably the most important production “tool” in any food-processing facility. Taylor testing supplies are commonly used to monitor process water in tanks and flumes, rinse water following equipment/food-surface sanitation, hand dip stations, water in boilers and cooling systems, and wastewater prior to discharge.

If you are in a food or beverage business, or you supply water treatment or sanitizing chemicals to this industry, or you perform regulatory inspections at these operations, Taylor manufactures simple drop-count titrations and color-matching tests for over 35 analytes to meet your watertesting needs.

Product Type: Test Kit
Brand: Taylor Technologies
Product Line: Drop Test
Class: QAC
Range: 1 drop = 10 or 25 ppm QAC/1 drop = 3.5 or 9 ppm Polyquat
Includes: 1 of the 2108: LABEL,1 1/16 DIA PMS 470 1 of the 5256: INSTR,DT,QAC 10 PPM/POLYQ 1 of the 7040K: LABEL,KIARO PRINTER,2.5"X 1 of the 7060: CASE,DT,RIB,11.5X5.125X2, 1 of the 8126: KIMPAC 4.75 X 11 1 of the 9012: PIPET,CAL(0.5&1.0 ML) W/ 1 of the 9198: SAMPLE TUBE,GRAD(25 ML) W 1 of the R-0638BR-C: PHENOLPHTHALEIN IND,BRN C 1 of the R-0736BR-C: SULFURIC ACID .6N,BRN CAP 1 of the R-0881-A: TOLUIDINE BLUE O IND,.75 1 of the R-0884-C: QAC TITR SOL(HI),2 OZ,DB 1 of the R-0950-C: COMPLEXING RGT,2 OZ
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