Taylor Laundry Test Kit, Alkalinity, Chlorine (bleach), Hardness, pH

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Manufacturer: Taylor Technologies, Inc.
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Taylor Laundry Test Kit, Alkalinity, Chlorine (bleach), Hardness, pH

Description of Tests
TestCodeMethod/ChemistryStandard/Equivalence or DescriptionComparatorCell
Alkalinity, P/TDrop TestPhenolphthalein/blended indicator (laundry)1 drop = 10 or 50 ppm P/T alkalinity as CaCO3NA9198G
Chlorine (Bleach)Drop TestIodometric1 drop = 0.05 or 0.5% available chlorine (Cl2)NA9198Y
Hardness, TotalDrop TestEDTA titration (includes inhibitors to prevent metal interference)1 drop = 10 ppm total hardness as CaCO3NA9198B
pHColor Card ComparatorLong range3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 11.054259017

For testing water hardness, bleach strength, sour rinse pH, and more, Taylor Technologies has what you need. With the accurate results obtained using our products, problems in water quality can be identified easily, allowing for the necessary adjustments to be made. The final outcome— optimized laundry results, improved equipment efficiency, and a reduced impact on the environment.

Product Type: Test Kit
Brand: Taylor Technologies
Product Line: Laundry
Class: Alkalinity, Chlorine (bleach), Hardness, pH
Range: Multi
Includes: 1 of the 4026: DIPPER SPOON,2 G,WHT 1 of the 4027: FUNNEL,58 MM 1 of the 4030: PIPET,CAL(0.5&1.0 ML) W/ 1 of the 4078: PIPET,GRAD(3 ML) 1 of the 5004: INSTR,DT,CL(BLEACH),DR=0. 1 of the 5013: INSTR,DT,ALK(P/T),DR=10/5 1 of the 5063: INSTR,K-1615 COMPONENT SH 1 of the 5202: INSTR,DT(B/C),HARD(TOT),I 1 of the 5426: INSTR/CCC,PH(LR),5.0-9.0 1 of the 6009: FILTER PAPER,9.0 CM,#610, 1 of the 7009: CASE,SL,RIB,11X6X5,BL 1 of the 7020: INSERT(K-1615) 1 of the 7265: LABEL,CASE,DT/SC,8.5X2.5 1 of the 8155: KIMPAK 7009 CASE 1 of the 9017: TEST CELL,CAL(5 ML) W/ CA 1 of the 9198: SAMPLE TUBE,GRAD(25 ML) W 1 of the R-0619B-C: HARDNESS BUFF,BL CAP,2 OZ 1 of the R-0620B-I: HARDNESS IND PDR,BL DOT, 1 of the R-0638G-C: PHENOLPHTHALEIN IND,GRN C 1 of the R-0645-C: TOTAL ALKALINTY IND,IW,2 1 of the R-0664-C: BLEACH RGT #1,2 OZ 1 of the R-0665S-II: BLEACH RGT #2,50 G 1 of the R-0666-C: BLEACH RGT #3,2 OZ,DB 1 of the R-0683-C: HARDNESS RGT(DR=10 PPM),2 1 of the R-0687G-C: SULFURIC ACID .12N,IW,GRN 1 of the R-0736-C: SULFURIC ACID SOL,2 OZ,DB 1 of the R-1003U-C-DB: LONG RANGE IND,2 OZ,DB
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