Taylor Boiler and Cooling Systems Water Test Kit, Alkalinity, Chloride, Hardness, Orthophosphate

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Taylor Boiler and Cooling Systems Water Test Kit, Alkalinity, Chloride, Hardness, Orthophosphate

To prevent corrosion and scale in boiler and cooling water systems, it is essential to analyze both the natural impurities of the source water and the treated water's characteristics. The analytes most commonly tested are alkalinity, chloride, hardness, nitrite, pH, silica, and sulfite. Additives such as EDTA and other chelants, molybdenum, phosphates, phosphonates, and polyacrylic-acid-based polymers are also routinely monitored.

Tests for these parameters constitute Taylor's combination kits for water treatment professionals. Kits come complete with all necessary reagents and equipment.

AnalyteSystemMethod/ChemistryStandard/Equivalence or DescriptionComparatorCell
Alkalinity, P/M & P/TDrop testPhenolphthalein/methyl orange/blended indicator1 drop = 10 ppm P/M or P/T alkalinity as CaCO₃NA9198G
ChlorideDrop testArgentometric1 drop = 10 ppm ClˉNA9198O
Hardness, TotalDrop testEDTA titration (includes inhibitors to prevent metal interference)1 drop = 10 ppm total hardness as CaCO₃NA9198B
OrthophosphateTwo-Standard comparatorStannous chloride30 & 60 ppm PO₄³⁻90259021

Product Type: Test Kit
Brand: Taylor Technologies
Product Line: Boiler/Cooling Systems
Class: Alkalinity, Chloride, Hardness, Orthophosphate
Range: Multi
Includes: 2 of the 2269: CAP 18/410 DISPENSER WHITE 1 of the 4027: PLASTIC FUNNEL 58MM DISPOSABLE 1 of the 5067B: INS,HARDNESS BOILER/COOLING 1 of the 5067G: INS,ALKALINITY BOILER/COOLING 1 of the 5067O: INS,CHLORIDE BOILER/COOLING 1 of the 5067OP: INS,ORTHOPHOSPHATE BLR/COOLING 1 of the 5067pH: INS, PH BOILER/COOLING 1 of the 5067W: INS,SODIUM SULFITE BLR/COOLING 1 of the 5425: COLOR CARD LONG RANGE PH 3-11 1 of the 6003: BRUSH 8.5 TEST TUBE 1 of the 6009: FILTER PAPER 9.0 CM 100PK#610 1 of the 7011: CASE,DUBOIS,11"X6"X5",PL 0.0056 of the 7015: FOAM 54 X 24 X 1" P/E 1 of the 7040: LABEL,CASE,DT/SC,8.5X2.5,VIVO 1 of the 7066: POUCH COLOR CARD 2.5" X 3.5" 1 of the 8155: KIMPAK 7009 CASE 1 of the 8191: CTN CASE 7009 W/RGT INSERT 2OZ 1 of the 9017: TEST CELL 5 ML 1 CM SQ W/CAP 1 of the 9021: TEST TUBE MIXING CAL 5-17.5ML 1 of the 9025: BLK 2STD PHOS HIGH 30&60 PPM 1 of the 9198B: SAMPLE TUBE 5-25ML W/ BLUE DOT 1 of the 9198G: SAMPLE TUBE 5-25ML W/GREEN DOT 1 of the 9198O: SAMPLE TUBE 5-25ML W/ORANGEDOT 1 of the 9198W: SAMPLE TUBE 5-25ML W/WHITE DOT Reagents
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