Taylor 2-Standard Comparator Test Kit, Orthophosphate (low range), 2 & 8 ppm

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Taylor 2-Standard Comparator Test Kit, Orthophosphate (low range), 2 & 8 ppm

Description of Tests
TestCodeMethod/ChemistryStandard/Equivalence or DescriptionComparatorCell
Orthophosphate (low)2-Standard™ ComparatorStannous chloride2 & 8 ppm PO490279021

Phosphate occurs naturally in water, sediments, and biological sludges at low concentrations. Environmental problems result from enrichments that are primarily caused by fertilizer runoff, biological wastes and residues, discharges of detergents and surfactants, and industrial effluents. The only kind of phosphate that can be determined directly without preliminary hydrolysis or oxidative digestion of the water sample is called orthophosphate, which exists in filterable and particulate form.

In boiler water treatment chemicals, orthophosphate is primarily added to control scaling, since it reacts with calcium hardness to form a more fluid sludge, such as calcium phosphate; orthophosphate also provides good corrosion inhibition.

Concentrations may be determined colorimetrically using the stannous chloride method or the ascorbic acid method. With the stannous chloride method, samples should be filtered before testing; also fluoride, sulfide, and high levels of silica or ferrous iron will interfere. Low-level arsenates and nitrite and hexavalent chromium at 10 ppm will interfere with the ascorbic acid method. These test kits are practical for both on- and off-site testing.

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