Taylor Drop Test Kit, Chlorine (total), 1 drop = 1 ppm

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Taylor Drop Test Kit, Chlorine (total), 1 drop = 1 ppm

Description of Tests
TestCodeMethod/ChemistryStandard/Equivalence or DescriptionComparatorCell
Chlorine, TotalDrop TestIodometric1 drop = 1 ppm chlorine (Cl2)NA9198

Chlorine is used as a sanitizer, oxidizer, and bleaching agent in many commercial, industrial, and recreational applications. Colorimetric methods employ either N,N-diethyl-pphenylenediamine (DPD) for testing free and total chlorine or orthotolidine (OT) for determining total chlorine only. Titrations use either the ferrous ammonium sulfate (FAS-DPD) method or the iodometric method for testing free and combined chlorine. The FAS-DPD method is popular with people who have difficulty matching shades of red, as its endpoint is signaled by a distinct change from a color to colorless.

Combined chlorine (CC) can be determined by subtracting the free chlorine (FC) reading from the total chlorine (TC) reading: TC - FC = CC.

Note: These tests are limited to on-site analysis. High chlorine, usually over 10 ppm, may partially or totally bleach out DPD indicator and may turn OT indicator dark brown; if this happens, the sample should be diluted and the test result multiplied by the appropriate factor. Bromine, iodine, and oxidized manganese will register as chlorine.

Product Type: Test Kit
Brand: Taylor Technologies
Product Line: Drop Test
Class: Chlorine (total)
Range: 1 drop = 1 ppm
Includes: 1 of the 4026: DIPPER SPOON,2 G,WHT 1 of the 4030: PIPET,CAL(0.5&1.0 ML) W/ 1 of the 5376: INSTR,DT,CL,DR=1 PPM 1 of the 7060: CASE,DT,RIB,11.5X5.125X2, 1 of the 7265: LABEL,CASE,DT/SC,8.5X2.5 1 of the 8126: KIMPAC 4.75 X 11 1 of the 9198: SAMPLE TUBE,GRAD(25 ML) W 1 of the R-0636-C: STARCH IND SOL,2 OZ,DB 1 of the R-0664-C: BLEACH RGT #1,2 OZ 1 of the R-0665S-II: BLEACH RGT #2,50 G 1 of the R-0747-C: SODIUM THIOSULFATE,2 OZ,D
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