PVC Dry Polymer Eductor aka Hootonanny (each)

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Item Number: PE1
Model Number: PE1
Manufacturer: Nova-Tech International
Brand: Nova-Tech International
Condition: New


PVC Dry Polymer Eductor aka Hootonanny (each)

Easy installation and maintenance eductor for water-soluble polymer activation / wetting / mixing applications. Also well known as a Hootonanny.

Includes: 6 feet of 1" OD clear vinyl suction tubing.

Venturi Eductor designed for initial mixing/wetting of water-soluble polymer with water. The eductor may also be used for other powder/solution mixing applications.

Proper installation of the Nova-Tech Polymer Eductor is very important if the best results are to be obtained. The 3/4 inch threaded fitting should be connected to a water line at 5 to 40 PSI, 30 to 12 GPM respectively (optimal performance at 25-35 GPM, 10-20 psi). This line should be no smaller than 3/4 inch all the way to the unit. It should be fitted with a gate-type shutoff valve no smaller than 3/4 inch size to assure proper water supply.

The unit should be mounted over the solution mixing tank with enough clearance so the solution in the tank will not touch the bottom of the eductor. The long end of the unit (the discharge end) should be placed downward. The top or suction end of the unit is to be fitted with the plastic hose supplied.

When the water is turned on, the venturi section of the unit will create enough vacuum to suck the powdered polymer up through the hose and into the top of the eductor and thoroughly disperse it into the solution tank as the tank is being filled. The solution should then be agitated for 30 to 60 minutes or until the water-soluble polymer is completely dissolved / activated.

Dry polymer Suction (top end).
Material: 6 feet of 1 inch clear vinyl tubing (included). (Optional 10-inch diameter PVC funnel).
Nominal lift: 5 feet maximum.
Nominal lift rate: 1 pound or 45 cubic inches, dry polymer per minute.

Water Source (side input).
Material: 3/4 inch Female NPT PVC pipe. (Optional mixing tank clamp mount).
Requirements: 5 to 40 psi, 30 to 12 GPM respectively (optimal performance at 25-35 GPM, 10-20 psi).

Wetted Polymer Discharge (bottom end).
Material: 1 inch PVC pipe.


NOTE: Our PE1 eductor interior lining has been upgraded to a super-smooth, non-stick, anti-static polypropylene material which outperforms the previous teflon lining we used in our Teflon Lined PVC Dry Polymer Eductor/Disperser for many years.

Product Type: Eductor
Brand: Nova-Tech International
Material: PVC and Polypropylene
Housing: PVC with a non-stick, anti-static polypropylene lining
Includes: 6 feet of 1" OD clear vinyl suction tubing.

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