Taylor Boiler/Cooling Systems Test Kit, Alkalinity, Chloride, Hardness, Molybdenum, Nitrite, Phosphonate, Silica, Sulfite

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Model Number: K-1690
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Manufacturer: Taylor Technologies, Inc.
Brand: Taylor Technologies
MPN: K-1690
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Taylor Boiler/Cooling Systems Test Kit, Alkalinity, Chloride, Hardness, Molybdenum, Nitrite, Phosphonate, Silica, Sulfite

Description of Tests
TestCodeMethod/ChemistryStandard/Equivalence or DescriptionComparatorCell
Alkalinity, P/TDrop TestP/T1 drop = 10 ppm P or P/T alkalinity as CaCO3NANA
ChlorideDrop TestArgentometric1 drop = 10 ppm Cl-NA9180O
MolybdenumDrop TestComplexometric (uses powdered indicator for increased stability)1 drop = 2, 5, 20, or 50 ppm MoNA9198
Hardness, TotalDrop TestEDTA titration (includes inhibitors to prevent metal interference)1 drop = 10 ppm total hardness as CaCO3NA9198B
NitriteDrop TestCerium oxidation of nitrite ("CAN")1 drop = 40 ppm NaNO2NANA
PhosphonateDrop TestThorium nitrate/xylenol orange (uses pH test paper 1.8-3.8)1 drop = 1 ppm ATMP (Aminotri (methylenephosphonic acid)) plus conversion factors for ATMP-related phosphonatesNANA
SilicaMidget™ ComparatorHeteropoly blue5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 ppm SiO292574025
Sulfite (Sodium)Drop TestIodometric1 drop = 10 ppm Na2SO3NA9198W

Designed for high-pressure steam boilers and open cooling systems.

To prevent corrosion and scale in boiler and cooling water systems, it is essential to analyze both the natural impurities of the source water and the treated water’s characteristics. The analytes most commonly tested are alkalinity, chloride, hardness, nitrite, pH, silica, and sulfite. Additives such as EDTA and other chelants, molybdenum, phosphates, phosphonates, and polyacrylic-acid-based polymers are also routinely monitored.

Tests for these parameters constitute Taylor’s combination kits for water treatment professionals. Kits come complete with all necessary reagents and equipment.

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Product Type: Test Kit
Brand: Taylor Technologies
Product Line: Boiler/Cooling Systems
Class: Alkalinity, Chloride, Hardness, Molybdenum, Nitrite, Phosphonate, Silica, Sulfite
Range: Multi
Includes: 1 of the 4005: CYLINDER,GRAD(50 ML) 1 of the 4026: DIPPER SPOON,2 G,WHT 1 of the 4029: PIPET,CAL(0.5&1.0 ML) 5 of the 4030: PIPET,CAL(0.5&1.0 ML) W/ CAP 1 of the 4034: SAMPLE TUBE,GRAD(25 ML) 1 of the 4078: PIPET,GRAD(3 ML) 1 of the 5011: INSTR,DT,NITRITE,IW,DR=40 PPM 1 of the 5051: INSTR,DT,PHOSPHON EQUIV 1 of the 5202: INSTR,DT(B/C),HARD(TOT),IW,DR=10 PPM 1 of the 5203: INSTR,DT,SULFITE(SODIUM),IW,DR=10 PPM 1 of the 5212C: INSTR,DT,CHL,DR=10 PPM COLOR 1 of the 5229C: INSTR,DT,ALK(P/T),DR=10 PPM COLOR 1 of the 5321: INSTR,MIDG,SILICA,5-50/25-250/50-500 P 1 of the 5359: INSTR,DT,MO,C/B,DR=2/5/20/50 PPM 1 of the 5681: COMPONENT/LAYOUT,K1690 1 of the 6002: BRUSH,TEST CELL 5 of the 6039: VELCRO 3/4" 1 PC SELF GRIPPING 1 of the 7000: BAG ZIP LOCK POLY 4X6 1 of the 7041: LABEL,1.9375"X4.875",BLANK,VIV 1 of the 7151: INSERT(K-1690) 1 of the 7350: CASE,ATT,15.5X5.5X13.25,BLK 1 of the 7352: HOLDER,DOCUMENT,CLR(ATTACHE) 1 of the 8156: KIMPAK 7005 CASE 4 of the 9198: SAMPLE TUBE,GRAD(25 ML) W/ CAP 1 of the 9198B: SAMPLE TUBE,GRAD(25 ML) W/ CAP&BL DOT 1 of the 9198G: SAMPLE TUBE,GRAD(25 ML) W/ CAP&GRN DOT 1 of the 9198O: SAMPLE TUBE,GRAD(25 ML) W/ CAP&OR DOT 1 of the 9198P: SAMPLE TUBE,GRAD(25 ML) W/ CAP&PUR DOT 1 of the 9198R: SAMPLE TUBE,GRAD(25 ML) W/ CAP&RED DOT 1 of the 9198W: SAMPLE TUBE,GRAD(25 ML) W/ CAP&WHT DOT 1 of the 9257: MIDG,SILICA,5-50 PPM 1 of the 9315: TEST PAPER,PH,1.8-3.8,200 CT 4 of the 9331: VELCRO,HOOK&LOOP,SUPER ADHES 1 of the R-0619B-C: HARDNESS BUFF,BL CAP,2 OZ,DB 1 of the R-0620B-I: HARDNESS IND PDR,BL DOT, 10 G 1 of the R-0630-C: CHROMATE IND,2 OZ,DB 1 of the R-0638G-C: PHENOLPHTHALEIN IND,GRN CAP,2 OZ,DB 1 of the R-0638O-A: PHENOLPHTHALEIN IND,OR CAP,.75 OZ,DB 1 of the R-0638W-C: PHENOLPHTHALEIN IND,WHT CAP,2 OZ,DB 1 of the R-0645-C: TOTAL ALKALINTY IND,IW,2 OZ,DB 1 of the R-0683-C: HARDNESS RGT(DR=10 PPM),2 OZ,DB 1 of the R-0686P-C: SULFURIC ACID N,PUR CAP,2 OZ,DB 1 of the R-0697-C: THIOSULFATE N/10,IW,2 OZ,DB 1 of the R-0699-C: IODIDE IODATE RGT,10 PPM NA2SO3,2 OZ,D 1 of the R-0706-C: SILVER NITRATE RGT,10 PPM CL-,2 OZ,DB 1 of the R-0724-C: HYDROCHLORIC ACID .12N,2 OZ,DB 1 of the R-0725-I: ACID STARCH IND PDR,10 G 1 of the R-0736O-C: SULFURIC ACID .6N,OR CAP,2 OZ,DB 1 of the R-0802P-I: XO IND PDR,10 G 1 of the R-0803-C: PHOSPHONATE TITR SOL,2 OZ,DB 1 of the R-0805-C: FLUORIDE MASKING AGENT,2 OZ,DB 1 of the R-0819-C: FERROIN IND,2 OZ,DB 2 of the R-0820-C: CAN SOL,2 OZ,DB 1 of the R-0890-C: MOLYBDENUM BUFF SOL,2 OZ 1 of the R-0892-C: MOLYBDENUM TITR SOL,2 OZ,DB 1 of the R-0900-I: MOLYBDENUM IND PDR,10 G 1 of the R-0901-C: MOLYBDENUM IND SOLV,2 OZ 1 of the R-1305Q-II: SILICA RGT #4,50 G 1 of the R-1305U-C: SILICA RGT #3, 2 OZ 1 of the R-1306T-C: SILICA RGT #1,2 OZ 1 of the R-1306U-C: SILICA RGT #2,2 OZ
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