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Oakton PD 650 Portable Waterproof pH/Dissolved Oxygen Meter with Kit.

Top-of-the-line dual parameter meters offer features typically found on much more expensive models!
Simultaneously measure your choice of pH, mV, or ISE and conductivity or dissolved oxygen
Datalogging of up to 500 data points with GLP compliance Wireless IrDA communication for truly waterproof interfacing capabilities
Connect a pH or ISE and a conductivity or dissolved oxygen probe at the same time. pH and ISE have a 0.001 maximum resolution. Datalogging feature time-and-date stamp to meet GLP requirements. User-selectable "calibration due" alarms, automatic or manual standards recognition, and single or multiple calibration points provide flexibility in meeting your quality objectives. Infrared (IrDA) wireless technology lets you easily print or download data—no need for additional cables. The large backlit LCD shows the measured value, measured units, temperature, time, battery life, and menu options. PC 650 meter measures conductivity (up to 500 mS), TDS, salinity, or resitivity with either a 2- or 4-electrode conductivity cell. PD 650 meter measures oxygen saturation up to 600% and concentration up to 49.49 mg/L with a galvanic dissolved oxygen probe.

Product Type: Meter
Brand: Oakton
Class: pH / ORP / ISE
Resolution: 0.1/0.01/0.001 pH, 0.1 mV, 2 or 3 digits Ion, 0.01 mg/L
Accuracy: ±0.002pH, ±0.2 mV, 0.5% FS (monovalent); 1% FS (divalent) Ion, ±0.1%/±0.01 mg/L
ATC: Yes (0 to 100°C)
Operating Modes: pH, ORP, ION, DO
Units of Measure: -2.000 to 20.000 pH, 0.001 to 19,900 ppm, molar, or mg/L, ±2000 mV, 0 to 600% or 49.49 mg/L
Includes: "All-in-One" probe, dissolved oxygen probe, calibration standards (60mL each of pH 4.01, pH 7.00, electrode storage solution, and rinse water), rubber boot, multi-probe holder, hard carrying case, and batteries.

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