Lovibond® MD 600 Multi-Parameter Colorimeter (each)

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SKU: LOV-214020
Item Number: LOV-214020
Model Number: MD 600
Manufacturer: Tintometer Inc
Brand: Lovibond
MPN: 214020
Condition: New


Lovibond® MD 600 Multi-Parameter Colorimeter (each)

The MD 600 multi-parameter Colorimeter is pre-programmed with over 120 water testing parameters and ranges. Featuring a rugged, waterproof design, this instrument is the ideal testing solution for a variety of applications and industries.
  • Multi-Parameter Testing device combines all of the key water testing parameters and testing ranges.
  • Portable instrument for use in the lab, plant or out in the field.
  • User interface is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Easy Access to new testing parameter and ranges
Never have an outdated instrument again! As additional test methods become available, the new software update is available as a free download on our website.

On-screen access to important test information
Using the correct reagent and sample cell for a preprogrammed calibration curve is essential to achieving accurate results. With the push of a button, it's easy to confirm what is required for the test. The method information will also show which conversion factors can be automatically applied to a method, so results are displayed in the required reporting units.

No Need to memorize method numbers to access a testing method
The scroll-driven menu system allows you to navigate to the test you need without the need to memorize the test method number. In addition, a Users Favorite Menu can be defined so that the instrument displays only the testing methods you want to see.

Data Storage and Transfer Capabilities
Store up to 1,000 readings with location ID, time and date stamp. Test data stored on the instrument can be easily exported using the IRiM accessory, which uses an infrared connection to export data directly to an Excel or .txt file.

Choice of Reagent Platforms
With over 120 pre-programmed testing methods on one instrument, many parameters offer the choice of using Tablet, Powder Pack or Liquid reagents.

Create User-Defined Calibration Curves
Have a proprietary testing method or a requirement to conform to a specific governmental or organizational standard method? Tired of converting ABS or %T values into meaningful values? It's easy to create and store as many as 35 user-defined methods on the MD 600 series. Up to a 25 order polynomial along with test parameters such as wavelength, measuring range, unit type and number of decimals displayed can be defined and implemented.

Accurate, Reproducible Results
The optical system of the MD 600 series operates with six unique wavelengths. By utilizing LEDs and interference filters, the instrument quickly gives you results that you can be confident in.

One-time-Zero Function
Don't waste time waiting for your instrument to Zero after each test. When testing a new sample, zero the instrument once and all subsequent tests of that sample do not require you to re-zero the instrument.

Product Type: Colorimeter
Brand: Lovibond
Product Line: Lovibond
Class: MD600 (Multi-Parameter)
Includes: Instrument in carrying case, Batteries, 4 x AA, 3 x colorimeter vials, 24mm ø, 3 x colorimeter vials, 16mm ø, 2 x Vial adaptors for 16mm ø and 13mm ø tubes, Stirring / crushing rod, Vial cleaning brush, Instruction manual, Guarantee sheet

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