Laboratory Products and Chemical Metering Pumps

Nova-Tech International has been selling quality laboratory and science products to help you with your every project. With over 17,000 laboratory products to choose from including: thermometers, timers, shakers, mixers, digital thermometers, monitoring systems, and much more! Not only do we sell Laboratory Products and Science Products; Nova-Tech International would like to be your Chemical Pump and Pump Parts supplier for your pools or any industrial application which a pump is needed. We offer many products and accessories to make your system pumping right which include: mixers, flow meters, tanks, valves, pre-engineered systems and much more! In the recent years, Nova-Tech International has expanded their Water Treatment and Aalysis line of products. We offer many reagents, visual , and more for your pool needs or industrial testing. Nova-Tech International also sell testing kits to combat Legionalla and other Mico-Bio tools.