BEING BIC-60, 68L, Cooling Incubator; 120VAC

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Item Number: BNG-BLC15060U
Model Number: BIC-60C
Brand: BEING Scientific
MPN: BLC15060U
Condition: New
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BEING BIC-60, 68L, Cooling Incubator has a temperature range of -10C to 80C, an LCD PID Controller with a 1 min. to 99 hours 59 min. timer and many safety features, height adjustable shelves, a 25mm accessory port, and a separate glass observation door. 120VAC
 The BEING BIC Series cooling incubators have both cooling and heating functions. They provide a precise, stable, and controllable environment with a short temperature stabilization time ideal for storing culture media, serum, medicines, microbial culture, biochemical demand testing, environmental testing, bacterial research, seed germination, fish/insect breeding, and other tests.
 The intelligent controller has a bright, easy-to-understand LCD that shows the oven’s parameters on a single screen, and the pushbuttons allow quick temperature and time settings. It simplifies complicated testing procedures by creating up to 7 multistep programs with 9 steps each. Time can be programmed from 1 minute to 99 hours 59 minutes.
 The BEING BIC Series cooling incubators include:
 • lockable swivel casters for easy movement and positioning within the laboratory,
 • a temperature test hole to validate temperature settings to actual chamber temperatures,
 • a mirror-polished, 304 stainless steel liner with large radius corners for easy cleaning and maintenance while providing optimal air circulation,
 • anti-skid, anti-spill, chrome-plated, 304 stainless steel shelves that lock when pulled out halfway to minimize experiment loss, accidents and protects the operator,
 • a long-lasting silicone rubber gasket that provides excellent sealing and prolongs the heating elements’ life compared with traditional equipment,
 • an adjustable 3-speed fan gives correct airflow for your application, improves the overall equipment efficiency (OEE), and increases motor service life by up to 30%, and
 • a variety of safety features, including over current and temperature protection, auto start, temperature deviation alarm, to name a few.
 The BEING BIC Series cooling incubators have a 25mm diameter port in the side of the unit to insert temperature probes or power cords for other devices like rockers or shakers. A metal cover seals the incubator chamber when the port is not in use.
 The BEING BIC Series cooling incubators are designed, manufactured, and tested to the DIN 12880-2007 standard. They are available in 3 sizes from 2.4 Cu. Ft. (68 L) to 8.7 Cu. Ft. (247 L) with a temperature range from -10C to 80C and come with a 2-year warranty.

Product Type: Cooling
Brand: BEING Scientific
Net Weight: 202.9 lb (91.3 kg)
Overall Dimensions: 545×670×1000mm

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