BEING BOV-20, 24L, Vacuum Oven; 110VAC

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Item Number: BNG-BV15020U
Model Number: BOV-20
Brand: BEING Scientific
MPN: BV15020U
Condition: New
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BEING BOV-20, 24L, Vacuum Oven has an LCD PID Controller, 4-sided jacketed heating, and height-adjustable shelves. Temperature rating: Ambient + 200C; Timer: 1 min. to 99 hrs. 59 min.; 110VAC
 The BEING BOV Series vacuum ovens are ideally suited for baking, drying, or disinfecting various products in vacuum conditions providing faster drying since liquids evaporate at temperatures below their boiling points.
 The vacuum oven is specially designed for the heat-sensitive, easy-decomposing, and drying of easily oxidizable substances. It has a fast drying speed, low pollution, and will not be dried, is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, electronics, and other industries.
 The intelligent controller has a bright, easy-to-understand LCD that shows the oven’s parameters on a single screen, and the pushbuttons allow quick temperature and time setting. It simplifies complicated testing procedures by creating up to 7 multistep programs with 9 steps each, and time can be programmed from 1 minute to 99 hours 59 minutes.
 The BEING BOV Series vacuum ovens include:
 • solenoid valve control of vacuum supporting labor-saving and safer operation versus a mechanical control valve,
 • a sandblasted, corrosion-resisted, 304 stainless steel chamber liner providing durability and easy cleaning with good heat resistance,
 • sandblasted aluminum shelves with a large contact area and high thermal conductivity, 40% higher heat transfer efficiency than conventional methods,
 • an inert gas inlet port and solenoid valve to meet the needs of special materials that require inert gas drying,
 • a tempered, bulletproof, double-layer, clear-glass door that provides a large viewing area for observation of specimens and internal conditions, and the LED door light enhances chamber viewing, and
 • a variety of safety features, including over current and temperature protection, auto start, temperature deviation alarm, to name a few.
 The BOV-20 and BOV-50 models have a power supply outlet allowing for simple, convenient, and automatic control of the vacuum pump when the vacuum control valve is turned on and off, avoiding the possibility of errors in operation.
 The BOV-20, BOV-50, and BOV-90 have a 4-sided jacket heater with height-adjustable shelves. The BOV-120 and BOV-210 have fixed shelf heights and utilize individual shelf heating.
 The BOV-90, BOV-120, and BOV-210 have lockable casters for easy maneuverability and positioning.
 The BEING BOV Series vacuum ovens are available in 0.9 Cu. Ft. (24 L), 1.8 Cu. Ft. (53 L), 3.2 Cu. Ft. (91 L), 4.4 Cu. Ft. (125L), and 7.6 Cu. Ft. (216L) with a temperature range from Ambient + 10C to 200C producing 133 Pa of vacuum and come with a 2-year warranty.

Product Type: Vacuum Oven
Brand: BEING Scientific
Net Weight: 132.3 lb (59.5 kg)
Overall Dimensions: 445×620×580mm

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