MY-ISO5 32" wide vertical laminar flow workstation. 110V

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Item Number: MYS-MY-VLF32
Model Number: MY-VLF32
Manufacturer: Mystaire, Inc.
Brand: Mystaire
Condition: New


MY-ISO5 32" wide vertical laminar flow workstation. 110V
The MY-ISO 5 Series of Laminar Flow Cabinets provide an ISO 5 sterile environment for the handling of sensitive materials. The work area is continuously bathed with ISO 5 HEPA-filtered air to protect the product or application from airborne contamination. These workstations are constructed of high-quality, thermal plastics to provide for ease of cleaning and maintenance. The main chamber is constructed of polycarbonate, and the base is high-density polypropylene. A major advantage of polypropylene is the fact that it is non-hydroscopic, non-stick, and does not break down when exposed to harsh hard-surface disinfectants.
For applications or apparatus that have added height requirements, the MY-ISO 5 series of vertical laminar flow workstations are available in a tall version. The taller versions are ideal for enclosing encapsulation machines used in compounding pharmacy applications.
The MY-ISO 5 Series of Vertical Laminar Flow Workstations are easy to operate. The full-closure sash is equipped with a position indicator switch that automatically turns the workstation's blower and fluorescent light on when raised.
Unlike other workstations, a major advantage of the Mystaire MY-ISO 5 workstation is having a full-closure sash; when not in use the chamber is sealed to eliminate the potential of airborne contaminates from entering the fume hood.
  • Two stage filtration- pre-filter and HEPA filter. 
  • Polypropylene base. 
  • 360° Clear polycarbonate main chamber construction. 
  • Compact and lightweight design- "personal" ISO 5 cleanroom. 
  • Automatic operation of blower and fluorescent light when the sash is raised or lowered. 

Product Type: Laminar Flow
Brand: Mystaire

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